Mental Health and PCOS

Welcome to my second blog post about PCOS. I want to talk about the mental health toll that is faced by myself and likely many other women with PCOS.

Many women with PCOS experience depression likely to due to both the chemical imbalances and as a consequence of the symptoms the condition causes. I know that before I was diagnosed I started experiencing a lot of hair loss due to my PCOS. I was a 13-year-old girl inexplicably losing her hair, which is a big deal for a teen of any race but due to the complicated legacy of black women and their hair imagine my distress. I found it difficult to feel beautiful while grappling with the emotional distress of being in pain for extended periods of time.

The pain aspect of PCOS is extremely difficult to explain. Some days I find it painful and difficult to walk and I still have to do my daily responsibilities, which also takes an intense emotional toll.

There are other fears that can lead to mental health strain for people with PCOS but I want to give advice on how to be supportive of someone with PCOS who may seem short, closed off, depressed, or anything else you can do a few small things. You could have a night in with them so they feel less isolated in their inability to do anything, you could give them space to be alone in their pain without suggesting unsolicited advice (which I mentioned in my last blog), or you could even give them small things to make their days in pain more enjoyable from snacks to even sending the link to a Youtube video that might make them smile.


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