Grown Status: 3 Apps that Make Adulting Easier

So almost two years ago I wrote about 10 apps that I thought everyone should have in 2018, which can be found here. But, a lot of that information is definitely geared toward’s college students, so I figured that I would share a few apps that have helped me a lot over the past couple of months. 

Bill Manager

Bill Manager is a great app because even though I’m the type of person that is usually on top of everything but having an app that can send me notifications is always beneficial and keeping track of everything that needs to be paid is super useful.

Get the app here


This app is also a lifesaver, it’s a budgeting app that doesn’t force you to feel like you have to be super strict while still keeping you in mind of how much you’re spending. The app lets you put what you plan to spend in specific categories for each month, I usually plan for the next month within the last few weeks of the month before by copying my budget from the month before and adjusting based on any responsibilities or activities that might vary.

Get the app here

Your local grocery store app

I have done this everywhere, in my hometown, in college, and now. I keep the app for a grocery store I typically shop at on my phone so that I can add digital coupons to my account if a sale comes up in the store or if I want to do it before I get there.

Get the app here

What apps do you think help with adulting? Let me know in the comments! Also, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block so leave comments on new content that you guys would like to see from me.

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