5 Myths about College Debunked

I wasn’t going to write another college blog post but it’s basically back to school season and my baby cousin is starting soon so I felt inspired. I feel like a lot of times people (mostly on the Internet) have a lot of opinions they present as fact, especially about college. So here are five myths that I am here to debunk:

1. Your GPA doesn’t matter


I know everyone on the Internet loves to say your GPA doesn’t matter but I’m here to let you know that sometimes it does. Having a low GPA won’t keep you from being a successful person or graduating but some opportunities will ask for a copy of your transcript when you apply and you don’t want to limit your opportunities because you don’t try in class.

2. Everyone graduates with a full-time position


This is a misconception that I think almost anyone believes, especially before they go to school. Because I mean, that’s why you go to college right? To end up with a job in your field to launch your career. However, a lot of students don’t graduate with jobs in their field, which can be explained by a number of factors but I don’t want to start that rant. But that’s not to say that you should feel disheartened already, I graduated with a full-time position & I have friends who did too, but I also have friends who just got their offer in the past couple of weeks and some who are still on the hunt, everyone’s path doesn’t look the same no matter how much society tries to push that there is one correct journey to take.

3. You Never Have to Go to Class


Please listen to me when I say go to your classes. Even if you sit on your laptop and scroll on twitter for half of it try to look engaged and show up. Even putting in that little bit of effort shows a professor you care and they may be more willing to throw you a bone if you need it, extra points for actually participating.

4. Some degrees/fields of study are more valuable than others


This is something that a lot of people argue, that getting a STEM degree is the only one that holds value or is worth it, however without publicists, journalists, advertisers, graphic designers, directors, actors and other creative or humanities-focused fields those inventions and breakthroughs would go unnoticed without people with the skills to market them and promote them.

5. They Will be the Best Years of Your Life


I hope for your sake that college isn’t the best part of your life because you have a lot of life ahead after graduation. That’s not to say you won’t have an amazing time but please don’t think that your life ends or gets significantly worse post-grad because I’m here to tell you it doesn’t.

Are there any myths or misconceptions about college that you want to debunk? Share it in the comments!

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