4 Reasons You Should Use Basic Invite Right Now

Recently, Basic Invite reached out to me to do a sponsored blog post and I jumped at the opportunity because if there’s one thing I love it’s having cute and personalized things. Basic Invite is an online stationery company where you can get anything from holiday cards, invitations, announcements, and even business cards. So here are 5 reasons you should use Basic Invite for your next stationery need.


1. It’s Super Cute

I decided to try Basic Invite for myself before recommending it to you guys and I’m so upset that I didn’t have this for my graduation needs! I got a sample holiday card, business cards, a sample invitation, and two different samples of thank you cards. It was hard to even pick templates for these pieces because they were just so cute and I’m in love with the quality of the pieces that I got.

2. It’s Affordable

I think everyone thinks that custom stationery is pricy but Basic Invites prices are super reasonable with great quality and upgrade options.


3. It’s Easy to Use

So, we all know that I have my whole “Lazy Girl” thing going on so Basic Invite being super easy to use was a really big deal for me. I literally made my samples so quickly and everything was so straight forward and still came out amazing. After a very difficult graduation announcement process this past winter I definitely think anyone facing a big milestone should save themselves the trouble and use Basic Invite instead. You can even upload your own pictures and fit them into the card the way you want to with ease. They also offer matching thank you cards that match invites that you order, so that everything is cohesive.

4. It’s Actually Useful and Versatile

No templates on Basic Invite look-alike AND they let you customize your colors which is great if you’re going for a color scheme for your wedding, graduation, or the holidays. And speaking of the holidays, Basic Invite is an amazing place to get your holiday cards! They have amazing templates with and without photos that you can even get custom labeled so that you don’t have to worry about it! They even have an Address Capturing Service that allows you to email your friends and family so that they can share their address directly to the website making it easier for you to share your Christmas greeting cards. The templates also all come with customizable text so you can share the exact message that you want.


Right now Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

I definitely think you all should use Basic Invite for any stationery needs you might have, and especially for holiday cards because it’s just so quick, easy, affordable, and cute. . Do you guys do holiday cards? Why or why not?


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