7 Gospel Songs that Get Me Through the Hard Days

Last week I discussed my fears about starting my first job, so today I wanted to share a few of the songs that help me get through those negative feelings. So here are 7 gospel songs that help lift my spirits, motivate me, or just all around make me feel good:

Stomp – God’s Property/Kirk Franklin

All of the church kids, and some of the non-church kids, know Stomp. It’s a hit that has literally been around for over 20 years and still uplifts your spirits and motivates you through whatever you’re feeling.

Won’t He Do It – Koryn Hawthorne

This is a song that I absolutely LOVE! It encourages you, reminds you to stay level headed and to remain faithful.

Go Get It – Mary Mary

Another song that motives you to be the best you can be. This song reminds me that faith without work is dead so I have to keep pushing to get what I want.

Masterpiece – Tori Kelly ft. Lecrae

Whoever/whatever pushed Tori Kelly to release gospel music is getting all of my thanks because it’s something I never knew I needed. This song is everything from the lyrics, to Tori, and the production.

He Wants It All – Forever JONES

This is one of those songs that really is just great for worship and I just love letting it play at any time in my life. I just think this deserves to be on any Gospel playlist.

All of My Help – Geoffrey Golden

This is one of those songs you reflect during. It’s just a really great song to help clear your head and stay focused.

Live Through It – James Fortune & FIYA

This last one is MADE for going through a rough time. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who’s feeling stressed, lost, alone, confused, honestly anything.

Do you listen to Gospel music? What are the ones that get you through your days? Let me know in the comments.


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