Grown Status: My 4 Biggest Fears About Starting My First Job

So, I started my first “big girl job” today! However, I am kind of freaking out about starting this new chapter in my life. Not because I don’t think I’ve been well equipped to do it but because I have zero clue what to expect. So, I’m sure there are plenty of young adults who are feeling somewhat how I’m feeling about their post-grad life so here are my top fears about starting my first job (and moving away from home).

1. Having/making no friends

friends fear

Making friends has always been super hard for me and this fear is definitely about moving to Chicago in general and less about starting my new position. How do you make friends as an adult? Am I just going to be lonely and never find where I fit? I guess I’m about to find out.

2. Being bad at my job


I definitely think I have the tools and the skill to do my job well but that doesn’t stop the nerves about ultimately being terrible in my new position from popping up. Clearly, I’m going to go in and do my absolute best but I guess my greatest fear is my great not being great enough.

3. Not speaking up enough

speaking up.jpeg

I think sometimes I don’t speak up even when I have something that may be helpful to say and I think that can definitely make me look uninterested or invested, but sometimes it’s really just anxiety of looking or sounding stupid. I really hope I can overcome this fear sooner rather than later, but it’s still a fear I have right now.

4. Lacking a work like balance.


I am one of those people who like to totally immerse themselves in their work and I fear that I won’t make sure that I balance doing a great job in my new role AND practicing a healthy personal life. I think this goes back to my first fear as well because I don’t know if I’ll even have friends to pull me out of that vicious cycle of working too much without a release.

5. Making mistakes


I know I said I’m scared of being bad at my job but that’s more about looking like a fraud and less about making mistakes. I think mistakes are human but I HATE making them, I’m a perfectionist and I want to make a great impression and seem focused and detail oriented especially early on, so making mistakes is terrifying me as well.

I will say that even in just a week of being here in Chicago I feel like I’ve already started dispelling a lot of these fears. I honestly just think that my nerves are setting in. I’m sure I’ll overcome these soon but I wanted to be honest because I don’t think anyone talks about this transitional period enough. Do you like the idea of my chronicling this journey in my “Grown Status” series? Do you have any advice that might help lessen these fears? Do you just wanna share your own first job fears? Leave it in the comments!

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