My Top 5 Travel Bucket List Destinations

So, fun fact, I have never left the United States, but not for lack of trying my mother just has never been interested and I’m just reaching a financial situation that I can afford to try to go on a trip abroad myself, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on a list of my top priority destinations.



I have dreamed of visiting Japan, and Tokyo specifically since I was a little kid. The lights, the fashion, the technology, and the culture has always been so fascinating and beautiful to me and I’ve always wanted to immerse myself in it.



So, every late millennial/early Generation Z member remembers the Lizzie McGuire Movie and their class trip to Rome. That inspired me at a super young age to want to go there too, even if I can’t impersonate a pop star.



Who doesn’t want to go to Greece, like seriously, it’s gorgeous and has such a rich history and culture that I would love to experience first hand.



So another Disney Channel related travel dream, this one is inspired by Cheetah Girls 2. I simply just want to feel like I’m in the Strut scene, is it childish? Maybe, but who cares.



This last one is a product of FOMO produced by Youtube, the villas, the Monkey Forest, the beauty, all of it just makes me want to visit, relax, and explore this beautiful city/country.

So where do you want to travel? Have you been to any of these destinations? Let me know in the comments!

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