Grown Status: Saying Goodbye to my Hometown

So let me start by welcoming you to my new series on my blog called, “Grown Status,” this series is going to follow me as I enter this new chapter in my life and transitioning from college student to full grown adult. I promise that I am going to be as open and honest about what my experience as I can bring myself to be and that I won’t sugar coat what this journey will look like for me. This first post is about saying goodbye to the only city that I’ve ever been able to call home: Jacksonville, Florida; Duval County; Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This was definitely not the place my parents planned on settling down in (shout out to the US Navy for stationing my dad here though) but I literally wouldn’t change it for the world. From the countless Publix Subs that I’ve consumed over the past 21 years, to the dance studios that have built up, torn down, and rebuilt my self-confidence of the years, the schools that reminded me what it feels like to feel both completely isolated to finally having community depending on where I was, thank you for everything you’ve taught me both intentionally and unintentionally.

I really loved growing up here, but now it’s time to take a new step in my journey towards world domination (jk, kind of). But thank you to everyone who’s helped me on this journey to my current success from school teachers, Sunday school/children’s church teachers, dance teachers, cheer coaches, friends who took on the role of the family in a city where we had none, thanks a lot I truly appreciate everything you’ve instilled in me, and for the people who read this blog that live in Jacksonville, I’m only going to type this once… DUVAAAAAAAL.

Where was your first “grown-up” job? Did you have to move far from home? Let me know in the comments.  

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