4 Tips for Cleaning out your Closet

So I am a little bit of a clothes hoarder. I hate getting rid of clothes because I always feel like I’m going to be looking for them or missing them later (which means that the whole “have you worn it in the past 6 months?” rule doesn’t always help me). But I have come to find other ways to get rid of things I no longer need in my closet.

1. Donate them

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This makes me feel a lot less guilty about getting rid of things in my closet that are still in pretty good condition. I put those things into a pile to be donated so that I know that someone is still getting use out of items that are just being wasted in my possession.

2. Try them on first

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Trying on the clothes first will definitely help you get rid of items in your closet. Do you feel good in the items? Can you see yourself wearing this again? Does it even fit anymore? If the answer the question is no then just get rid of it.

3. Box the special pieces

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There are some things in our closet that are sentimental, trust me I get it. So keep those pieces but put them in a special box to save them if they are that important to you, don’t just keep them hanging up. Think Regina King keeping her wedding dress in a Cinderella Story.

4. Reorganize it to be more productive

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After you’re done reorganize your closet so you can make sure you know where everything is and you don’t overbuy later. I usually organize by item with dresses together, shirts together, jeans together, etc.

How do you clean out your closet? Let me know in the comments!


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