Lazy Girl’s Guide to Brunch Outfits

Okay so here’s a fun fact about me I love brunch, it is quite literally my favorite weekend activity. Obviously, food and mimosas are great but so is putting together a great brunch outfit to go out in. But, I know it can be hard to put together a great brunch look when you’re feeling uninspired so here I am to help you come up with some cute and simple ideas because like I’ve told you before I am the queen of the lazy girls.

The classic jeans and a blouse

You can never go wrong in a cute blouse and a pair of jeans. It will ensure you’re comfortable while eating your chicken and waffles and sipping a mimosa.

The dress

A simple dress is a great way to enjoy brunch in a more dressed up outfit. Rock a dress instead of a skirt in order to stay more comfortable but a little fancier.

What do you wear to brunch? Let me know in the comments!

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