10 Things I Can’t Live Without

1. My phone: I can admit it, I am a phone addict. I cannot live without my phone. How would I talk to my mom and dad, how would I do random Buzzfeed quizzes, read news articles when on the go. Smartphones are quite literally one of the greatest inventions of all time.

2. My planner: I have mentioned it before, but I am in LOVE with my planner. It keeps me organized, I get to use super cute stickers, and it keeps me super productive.

3. My water bottle: So, drinking water is not a revolutionary act here, we should all be doing it. BUT, a reusable water bottle is super handy and great for the environment.

4. A good podcast: A good podcast comes in handy when I’m hanging alone in my room and especially when I’m washing my hair. I laugh, learn something new, and can just all around relax. I’ve actually already mentioned a few of my favorites before.

5. My laptop: I am a college student and a blogger, so this one is kind of obvious. I need my laptop to do tons of things

6. A book: This includes physical books and audiobooks for me. as much as I love a good podcast nothing engages me as much as reading or listening to an audiobook. I often sink into another world and laugh and cry along with the characters.

7. Spearmint gum: I have a gum problem. I probably go through nearly a pack a week. It helps me study and retain information (a trick I learned in elementary school). Also, it’s great for after a meal.

8. My iPad: As much as I love my laptop I LIVE for my iPad. I love to watch TV and play games on it and I sometimes even put it in a laptop case to get work done on the go when I’m traveling lighter.

9. Fuzzy slippers: Fuzzy slippers are my favorite thing. They keep my feet warm and clean and prevent me from walking on cold hard floors.

10. Contact Lenses: Fun fact, I am blind as a bat. I love wearing my glasses sometimes but the ease and versatility contacts give me are something that I can’t see not being in my life.



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