What’s in my bag: Disney World 2019

So, I just got back from my favorite place in the world, Walt Disney World, and I thought I’d share what I keep in my theme park bag when I go down to Orlando. I’ve been visiting theme parks since I was an infant since I grew up so close to the Orlando area so I think I have a pretty firm grasp on what you need when you’re spending the day riding rides, eating snacks, and having fun.

Ziploc Bag (not pictured) I use a gallon sized Ziploc bag to protect my electronics in case of a water ride. It is a super easy way to keep everything safe and dry.

Water Bottle/Snacks/Gum (not pictured) Lines can get long and Disney lets you bring in your own food and water so come prepared!

Phone charger w/ portable charger You don’t want your phone to die! How else will you use your My Disney Experience app?

Sunglasses The sun can be bright so keep a pair of shades on you.

Hand Sanitizer When you are out in the park you know you need hand sanitizer

Hair ties It helps keep your hair up when on thrill rides! I also brought a scrunchie because I’m extra.

A small wallet & coin purse I always bring a cardholder and a coin purse to keep the size of my things small but still well organized.

Poncho Florida weather unpredictable and it can also be used on water rides.

Lip Balm, Gloss, & Lotion Keep your hands moisturized and your lips camera ready!

Ears You don’t want to forget your mouse ears!

Hoodie It gets chilly at night so come prepared.

Please do not judge my lack of sunscreen I promise I applied some. What do you like to take into theme parks? Let me know in the comments!

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