Lazy Girl Guide: Skincare

So we all know that I am lazy, like super lazy when it comes to doing some of the most simple of activities. With that said I will not be a 10 step Korean skincare girl, ever. However, I still like to look good and take care of myself with the least amount of steps and effort possible. The best way to split up my skin care routine is by the time of day. I use different products in the morning than I do at night and the products serve different purposes.

Morning Routine

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I start off my morning by washing my face for 60 seconds (shout out to our favorite internet esthetician LaBeautyologist) with my Cetaphil face wash. I have been using this nearly my entire life and I will not stop. I have sensitive skin and it has never done me wrong. I follow up with a Neutrogena moisturizer and put my Supergoop sunscreen on top of that. I recommend wearing a facial sunscreen every day I have seen a difference in the quality of my skin and it’s just safer.

Night Routine

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At night my products and routine change a little. I start off with the Bliss jelly cleanser which I picked up at Target one day on a whim and I am so glad I did. After I wash my face I use my chemical exfoliant which I have used and mentioned before and I believe to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. After I exfoliate I do a mask a couple of times out of the week. Two of my favorite masks are the Mighty Marshmallow Mask by Bliss (as you can see I love Bliss) and the Neutrogena Hydroboost sheet masks. After a mask, I put on my Neutrogena water-gel moisturizer and head off to bed.

What do you think of my skincare routine? What does yours look like? Let me know in the comments!

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