Growing Out of and Back Into Friendships

Getting older I realized some friendships are only for a season. It’s hard to accept but it is a fact of life. However, I’ve also learned that some friendships just need time apart in order to re-evaluate and come back together.

Know when to walk away


This is definitely the hardest part. Walking away is necessary whether it is time to leave a friendship alone forever or for a limited amount of time. If you feel frustrated, unheard, unsupported, or anything of the sort it is definitely time to fall back. Friendship takes work but it should not, in any way, drain you.

After a few months evaluate how you feel about the relationship

This step is also key. I’m not telling you that every relationship that might feel strained should be over but I am saying that time away lets you evaluate what the truth about that relationship. I have walked away from some friendships and instantly missed the good things about that relationship and we have since repaired what went wrong. Then I have other friendships that when they were over I felt a sense of relief and a loss of weight and stress. Not every friendship’s status will be that neatly wrapped up but time to reflect and evaluate will ensure you make the right decision.

Learn to enjoy your own company


Sometimes people don’t want to lose friendships because they don’t want to be alone. Trust me I get it, making friends has been difficult for me since I was little. But, learning to enjoy spending time alone will keep your friendships healthier and keep you happier in general.

Be grateful for the friendships you do have


If you decide to walk away from the friendship permanently then remember that you still have amazing friends there to spend time with, support, and love. Losing a few friendships is healthy because life is not static; people evolve and fall out of compatibility from time to time.

What advice do you have about friendship? Let me know in the comments!

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