My Bedtime Routine

I am a firm believer that a consistent bedtime routine is literally the key to success. Bedtime routines make sure that your mornings go smoothly and help you to unwind so that falling asleep can be easier

I am awful at keeping track of time so I have a list of reminders that let me know when to start getting ready for bed and what steps I should be taking when. I start at 10:55 with a reminder to take my medicine for the night which also helps me know that it is time to wind down.

Turning off the Screens


At 11my iPhone goes on Do Not Disturb and I have set my nightly screentime shutdown. If you have an iPhone I definitely recommend using this feature it really has reduced my phone usage.

Shower & Skincare

This is also when I hop in the shower because a hot shower really helps me relax and then I get into my skincare routine. Every night I use a cleanser, my exfoliating pads, and a heavier moisturizer since I have drier skin. Sometimes I add in a face mask and tea or something special and take a little more time to relax but that is usually only a couple of times a week.

Getting Ready for the Next Day

When I have work (or my internship) I always make my lunch the night before to reduce stress and time wasted in the morning. This involves making the wrap, picking the fruit I want out, making a bag of a snack, etc and putting it in the fridge. Next, I pick out my outfit for the next day and pack whatever bag I will be carrying. I try to be in bed by midnight where I’ll watch a couple of Youtube videos and fall asleep ready to take on the next day!

Do you have a routine? Let me know in the comments!adult-alarm-alarm-clock-1028741.jpg


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