5 Study Tips that will Change Your Life

Hey everyone! I’m back at again blogging for 2019. I fell off at the end of last year with all the holiday traveling but I have returned with some tips for your academic success this semester.

1. Make a study timetable

Don’t go into a study/homework schedule blind guys. I feel like I have already told you all that I add every major assignment to my handy-dandy Pocket Schedule App that I have had since literally my first semester of college AND my physical planner, BUT I also love to plan my week of homework ahead of time. This means that I may plan to read a chapter and work on a project on Monday, exercise and begin a paper on Tuesday and so on, which also lets me plan in time with friends and my boyfriend or any free time. I also try to give myself a start time to allow myself to unwind from class or my internship schedule.

2. Reward yourself with snacks or Netflix

I mentioned taking breaks in my 4.0 advice post (which you should totally check out) but I am here to stress the importance of treating yourself while studying. It makes it feel less tedious and will ensure that you don’t study so long that the information begins to go in one ear and out of the other. I promise you’ll thank me, just don’t overdo the rewards it’s all about balance.

3. Have someone quiz you

I live by this. I literally have made a PDF study guide with the answers highlighted or major points of essay questions laid out and emailed it to my boyfriend and had him quiz me to ensure I knew the answers to the multiple choice

4. Make it a story if you need to remember a process

I used to do this more in high school than in college but that is largely because I am a PR major. However, if there are steps to remember I love to make it a story in order to remember everything. I have literally turned wars into girl fights in my head in order to make them make sense.

5. Take notes by hand, not on your laptop

I know, this is an unpopular opinion but you remember the information better and it causes fewer distractions if you don’t have a laptop in front of you in class. Even if you’d like to take notes on the computer in class please still copy them on paper. Writing down information definitely makes your mind more inclined to retain knowledge.

So, what do you think of my tips? How do you keep your grades popping? Let me know in the comments you might help a fellow reader or even me.

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