3 Tips to Survive Your Family’s Christmas Dinner

Listen, Christmas dinner with your family can be stressful no matter how much you love them. Here are three ways to save your patience at the holiday meal:

1. Arrive at the same time as your favorite family members

This gives you someone to talk to and catch up with. You’ll also be able to avoid a few interrogations while you talk to your cousins, aunties, or grandparents.

2. Balance eating and talking

This will keep people from coming up to you and interrogating. Often, it’s just them trying to catch up with you after months or even sometimes years of not seeing you. You’ll be less annoyed if you pace yourself and take breaks between eating to chat.

3. Make an FAQ print out for the evening

This might be a little overboard but honestly, with graduation coming up for me I’d actually rather do this than answer the same three questions over and over again. Stop asking people what their post-grad plans are 6 months in advance I promise if they have an offer already they will tell you.

What about you? How do survive your family during the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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