Gift Guide for Mom: Christmas 2018

What’s up world! I’m back at it again with another Blogmas post. This week I’ve got a gift guide ready to help you shop for your mom. I’m going to break this down from cheap for my fellow college brokies out there, to mid-priced items, to the expensive for the ballers.


For the cheap items, I’m pricing them at $50 or less before tax. The easiest things to find would be nice, simple sweaters, jewelry from a store like Banana Republic, or a cute bag from a store like Zara. They’re unique enough that you can find something that fits your mom’s style but are totally within your budget.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 10.04.48 PM.png

Sparkle Circle Bracelet: $49.50 at Banana Republic

Pearl Dangle Earring: $48 at Banana Republic

Blue Earrings: $28 at Banana Republic

Sweater: $35.90 at Zara

Snakeskin Purse: $49.90 at Zara

Red Purse: $29.90 at Zara


For the mid-priced items, I’m pricing them from $50 to $150. This is for the people who have a little extra to spend on their mom but aren’t balling just yet. From a cute pair of shoes, some nice sunglasses, a stylish coat, or if your mom loves skincare a luxury skincare set.

Gift Guide Mom Mid.png

Drunk Elephant Skincare Set: $98 at Sephora

Coat: $128 at Nordstrom

Quay Sunglasses: $79 at Nordstrom

Sam Edelman Boots: $149.90 at Nordstrom


This is for those of you who want to flex. Although I don’t have it like this I know some of you out there do so here are some ideas. My personal favorite is giving a vacation if I could do that for my mom I would know that I have lived a full life.

Gift Guide Mom Expensive.png

Vacation: Varies

Gucci Sunglasses: $350 at Neiman Marcus

Green Purse: $895 at Tory Burch

What were you planning on getting your mother for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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