Howard Homecoming Essentials

So, I’m going to keep it real with you, this list could probably work for all HBCUs but the level of preparedness you need to come party with HU is well, higher. You’ve got Yardfest and Tailgate to be ready for and you must be ready to pop out and turn up for both days.

1. A water bottle

You will be up on the Yard or at the tailgate for an extended amount of time. Yardfest itself starts at noon and the first few headliners take the stage between 1 and 2 leaving you up there for at least 4 hours sometimes then the tailgate literally goes all day and into the night. You don’t want to be dehydrated so drink water beforehand and don’t forget to bring some more to sip on during the day.

2. Snacks

Snacks are necessary for the same reason water is. Bring some goldfish, a small bag of chips, some fruit if you’re health conscious you don’t want to be searching for food or waiting in line when the good artists hit the stage.

3. A light jacket

I don’t know how necessary this will be this year since it’ll be cold but sometimes towards the end of the event it can feel a little brisk and you should always stay ready.

4. A backpack/backpack purse (fanny packs are okay too)

This is more for Yardfest but this event is literally a music festival, think Coachella and Afropunk so you want to have free hands but still want to have some of the things I mentioned earlier readily available. My favorite is to have a smartly packed backpack purse but fanny packs can be handy depending on what you choose to bring too.

5. A portable charger

Okay, so your phone battery will get low so I’m just warning you now. If you need an Uber at the end of this then a portable charge is necessary and I’m just warning you now

6. Comfortable shoes

Your feet will hurt pick your shoes accordingly or bring a backup pair.

7. A great getting dressed playlist

The party starts when you wake up and start getting ready so be sure to put a couple headliners songs in there if you don’t know the words yet and some songs that remind you that you are a baddie and it’s time to remind everybody.

Did you go to college? Where’d you go? What are your homecoming essentials? Let me know in the comments and if you’ll be at the Mecca this weekend stay safe and have an amazing time. Also, check out my Youtube video with more tips on making it through an HBCU Homecoming!




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