5 Movies for your Halloween Movie Night

So, it’s a free weekend before Halloween and you’re feeling nostalgic, what do you watch? The following five movies are a perfect choice but they are mostly kid/family friendly because well, I can’t stand a scary movie when it’s dark.

1. Hocus Pocus


This is a classic, argue with yourself. Everything about this movie is perfect, the characters, the 90s cheesiness, the costumes, it’s definitely my favorite Halloween movie and should be watched every single year.

2. Halloweentown


If you don’t like Halloweentown are you even human? Halloweentown is the cutest, campiest, and the most fun I ever had with Halloween when I was a kid. Honestly, the whole series is perfect (even the one without Kimberly J Brown). Do yourself a favor and honor Debbie Reynolds in her iconic Disney Channel series.

3. The Craft


This one definitely doesn’t match the rest of the list but I’m literally obsessed. It’s dark and twisted and the perfect Halloween movie for teens and young adults for sure.

4. Twitches


If you were a little girl in 2005 you literally lost your mind with this movie and the 2007 sequel dropped. Two twins who were separated at birth discover each other and the truth about their parents, and the fact that they have their magical powers. This movie is the best.

5. Monster House


I remember seeing this movie in theaters, it’s kind of terrifying but also a ton of fun to watch with friends. I actually kicked off my Halloween movie night with this year with Monster House.

What are your favorite Halloween movies? Let me know in the comments!

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