5 Goals for October 2018

It’s finally October! Make sure you buy a pumpkin to carve and pull up your favorite scary movies because it’s officially “spooky season.” This month I’ve decided to commit to continuing my self-improvement and I thought I’d share some of that with you. Check out my 5 goals for October:

1. Get back to exercising

This summer I lost a good amount of weight and although I haven’t really gained the weight back I want to make sure I keep it off by getting back to exercising consistently like I was during the break.

2. Consistently doing self-care

Whenever I get back to school I fall off on all of the wonderful work I did on myself the previous summer. I’ve decided that October is the month of self care.

3. Having a quality hair care routine

Listen, we all know I am a lazy natural and I totally need to get my life together.

4. Actually post on my Youtube channel

Yeah, I know right, you probably forgot I even made that announcement. But I have some fun ideas I just need to figure out my life schedule and stick with it. Wish me luck!

5. Go out with friends more

I go into these times in my life when I literally would like to do absolutely nothing and that’s not really okay. So this month I am going to try to find activities to do with the people I love to be around.

So those are my goals and hopefully, I stick with them. Do you have any goals for the month? For the rest of the year? Let me know in the comments!

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