3 Reasons You Should Take a Social Media Cleanse

So, I’ve done this once before but I didn’t do it the most effectively. I gave myself a week at the beginning of the school year, unfortunately being a public relations major and having an internship that requires to be up to date on trends didn’t allow me to stay off for much longer.

1. You will have time for other things you enjoy

I read and listened to more books, audiobooks, and podcasts during this week than I have in a while. It was truly amazing. I felt like without social media I was able to do other things.

2. You’ll feel less anxious

Social media can make you feel a little anxious. At least sometimes I do but without social media, I knew that I could take a moment to exhale and breath. You’re bombarded with bad and offensive opinions, upsetting current events, and an overload of processed and perfected posts that can affect how you feel about yourself. Logging off even for a short period of time can help the weight of today’s world a little less heavy.

3. You’ll Feel Happier

Social media can be a very dramatic and uncomfortable place. I promise not seeing the politics of today or being able to take the time to do other things you enjoy your mood will improve. Not seeing those perfectly cultivated Instagram posts that show the best of everyone’s life or reading things that upset can help you be a happier and brighter person.

Also, if you feel like you can’t just log out for an extended amount of time, like me, and have an iPhone remember that the new ios has a setting called screentime that can limit your usage. Have you ever taken a social media break? How long was it? How did it work out for you? Let me know in the comments!


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