Static Nails review (It’s My 100th Post!)

So, I was going to write this blog post about the intersection of anti-blackness and classism after the Cardi B situation, but then I realized that it is my 100th blog post and I wanted to celebrate my commitment to this blog and thank all of my consistent readers for being so supportive for the past two years. Also, keep reading for two awesome surprises!

Hey everyone! Ever since I started college, and discovered my disdain for DC’s nail technicians I’ve been searching for alternatives to getting my nails done and I think I have found it. My journey with press on nails started on Twitter with @beautywoc. She sells custom press ons that I really wanted to try, maybe I will soon. And despite my love of supporting black business they weren’t available within the time frame that I needed them. BUT I discovered an amazing brand called Static Nails.img_4206.jpg

I wore my first pair, Peach Fizz, for nearly two weeks on the my trips this summer. This set was only $16 and in comparison to acrylics this was a steal, and I fell in love. I traveled with my box in case of an incident so I could have the spares and the glue, but I only needed it once on the whole trip which I find impressive with all the luggage I was handling. I literally only actually lost one nail in public after about a week. I also tried on my second pair Lagoon & Stone (below), which is no longer available. That I wore for three weeks with minimal issues.

I totally loved my Static Nails, and since I loved them so much I’m going to giveaway 2 sets to one of you all! I know it’s not much but I am in college and this isn’t sponsored so this is my way of saying thank you for the support. You can enter the giveaway here!AND since I’ve been wanting to try this forever check out my Youtube Channel below:

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