I Know What You Did This Summer…

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end and it’s time to return to school so here’s what I’ve been up to!

I kicked off my summer with a trip to Universal Studios for the first time since high school, which was, interesting. If you know nothing else about me you should know that I am a Disney girl. In comparison the rides just didn’t have the same magic except The Hulk ride, Spiderman (which is a childhood favorite of mine), and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. However, it was a fun day and the turkey leg I got was fantastic.

It was also my last summer at my internship, where I’ve been for three years. It was hard to say goodbye to a place that’s helped me grow so much and learn so many new skills, but it also has me excited for this new chapter of my life.

I went to New York for the Emma Bowen Summer conference  again this year and had an amazing time. The Emma Bowen Foundation has been a blessing in my life from industry connections to some of the greatest friendships that I’ve ever had. Here is a gif of me quoting Nene Leakes’ iconic meme in the middle of my Emma Bowen friends and I taking a selfie/video.

giphy (11).gif

The end of my summer was a complete whirlwind of traveling. First I saw Beyoncé with my boyfriend in DC, and I LOVE Ms Knowles-Carter. When I say On The Run II was so good I forgave Jay Z, I mean it whole heartedly.

I then caught a flight from the DMV to the Bay Area to visit one of my best friends in the entire world, Sasha. Because my presence had been requested for a while and I finally got my time and money together enough to take a flight out to have some fun with her. She even took me to a theme park, which is one of my favorite things to do, like ever. It was so much fun, and one of the friends I made through Emma Bowen, Isaiah, is a Facebook intern and he was awesome enough to let us come up and visit, and let me just tell you I am OBSESSED now. The only complaint I had about my trip was the cold, you can take the girl out of Florida but you can’t take the Florida out of the girl.

My last trip of the summer was a couple’s vacation to Miami for a friends birthday which was a lot of fun. We went to this fun place called Bacon Bitch, which I recommend to anyone heading down there if not for anything but the name itself. Being a Florida girl I’m no stranger to the beach but it was definitely cleaner and clearer than home. Apologies for the lack of pictures but I’m saving them for my Instagram (lol shameless plug).

I’m glad I was able to get out this summer and have some fun since after May I’ll be thrusted into the real world. Did you do anything fun this summer? Let me know in the comments below!


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