10 Tips for Living Boujie on a College Budget

It’s time to go back to school and this one is for all my college students, or honestly anyone who’s young and likes to save money. I love “living lavish” but my bank account does not, so here are my tips for balling on a broke college student budget.

1. Always Have a Shopping List

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It will save you so much money. You can go on most major grocery store websites and see how much certain things cost, look for deals, generic and cheaper items.

2. Avoid Online Shopping Sites

This is the best way to get caught up and go broke and if you need to buy something for an event always shop during a sale!

3. Start the Semester with Industrial Sized Items

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Buy the jumbo sizes of soap and detergent, the double deodorants, it might seem more expensive when you purchase but it’s cheaper than having to go back every few weeks.

4. If You Order Out with Friends

Then you can split delivery and fees, save money on pizza and wings, it’s just a better idea.

5. Cooking is Key

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It is cheaper I promise you, especially because it’ll stretch further than that Chipotle bowl you’re tempted to go buy! And isn’t being healthy less costly in the long run?

6. Get Creative with Your Closet

Try out new pairings, because it’ll keep you from out of the mall for a longer period of time. Tie something around your waist or pair that sweater with a different skirt, you’ll hopefully get a whole new outfit without having to spend new outfit money.

7. On Campus Events are The Best Activities

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there are plenty of free activities around campus, utilize them. There will be movie nights, dance classes, panels, parties, concerts and shows, you’ll never be able to say there isn’t anything to do. You can also plan free evenings in your dorm room with snacks and movies or your favorite TV show fun doesn’t have to be expensive.

8. Save, save, SAVE

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Every time you get money from family, work, refund check, anything recieve you should save. It’ll come in handy

9. Be savvy when you textbook shop

Use social media, group chats, online book downloads, Amazon, Chegg, and anywhere else you may think you can find a deal. Also, definitely look into renting textbooks because it’s almost always a major price difference.

10. Never Forget to Bring Your Student ID

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There are deals everywhere with a student ID! Movie theaters, clothing stores, restaurants, you name it. Those small discounts will add up throughout your time in school so don’t forget to ask for student discounts when you’re out.

What are your money saving tips? Let me know in the comments! And, for more college advice check out my College Survival Guide and my post on keeping a fabulous GPA.


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