Did This Lush Mask Stop My Breakout?

So, it’s been a while since I’ve tried a Lush mask but here I am, back at it again! My skin was trying to play me in the middle of the summer so I marched right into my local Lush store and asked for some help. Luckily, the girl was very helpful and understanding and provided me with Cosmetic Warrior, which she said would help me out. Previously I had tried Cosmetic Catastrophe, but I wasn’t in the mood to be that dry, like at all.

This mask definitely gave me the illusion that it might work, however, my results weren’t nearly as successful as my Cosmetic Catastrophe test. But there were some things I liked, it still tightened on my face but it wasn’t as hard and uncomfortable as it’s slightly drier companion. My face actually was kind of soft and smooth after with a subtle glow to it and application was nice because of the smooth and creamy texture.

However, the smell was awful. I can’t describe it and all Lush masks smell very natural but this one wasn’t the best. Also, it’s not as good at stopping or suppressing breakouts.

My final rating is a 5/10 since I’ve had better and more effective Lush masks.

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