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We all love online shopping, you don’t have to leave the house, you can filter out the colors and styles you don’t want, have it show up at your doorstep and did I say that you don’t have to leave the bed? But, there are levels to this online shopping thing. This is the power ranking for 4 extremely popular online fashion websites based on my personal experiences from my least favorite to my go-to website.

4. Fashion Nova

Look, I know Fashion Nova is one of the flagships for online shopping, but it’s not the best in my honest opinion. The fit and sizing is always inconsistent, the clothing can sometimes be thin, the shipping is slower than a snail, and the return policy is annoying. No one wants a “gift card” for an online order especially when sometimes the card comes because your warehouse doesn’t have a product in stock thats on your website. But at least they fixed the website interface?

Good for: Going out outfits and interesting finds

Weaknesses: Pricy with an awful returns policy

3. Pretty Little Things

I recently made my first order from Pretty Little Things and I honestly loved every single item I received. They regularly have sales and their price is already pretty affordable. My biggest grievance is their poor shipping time, especially compared to Missguided and Boohoo. However, I’d order from them again! Sorry no pictures in my purchases (I’m saving them for some looks later).

Good for: Trendy clothes and well cut sizes

Weaknesses: No free returns & slow shipping time

2. Missguided

I actually love Missguided for going out clothes. The dresses fit so well and look so good on me, and they are constantly having a sale so the prices don’t bother me too much and there is a range of affordable and pricy items on the website. Their shipping time is amazing especially for them to be based in the UK. I’ve never been disappointed in a purchase.

Good for: Going out dresses with a quick shipping time

Weaknesses: A little pricey, not always the highest quality

1. Boohoo

They have free returns from the US now. Talk about an amazing place to shop. Even without their sales the price isn’t ridiculous, but oh my goodness the SALES. They have the whole site 50-60% off sometimes and it’s the most amazing thing ever, I love it so much. They fit me so well and they have plus sized clothing!

Good for: Casual clothes and amazing deals

Weakness: None

Of course I still love Zara, Topshop, Forever 21, and all those amazing stores but online shopping has become a lot more fun for me in recent years.

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