A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Natural Hair

As we all know I’m a self proclaimed “Lazy Girl” and when it comes to being productive I try to find the least involved way to do nearly anything and that is especially true when it comes to my hair. Honestly having kinky 4C hair is a full time job when my head wants it to be, but after about 2 years since I cut off the last of my relaxed hair I am getting better at mastering balancing hair care and having a hair routine that is not the most time consuming. This blog post is not for the Youtube natural and its DEFINITELY not for the “fruit and berries” natural. As much as I wish I had the time and patience to make my own products, I am not that girl nor will I likely ever be.

1. Protective styles are your friend.

I know this can be obvious but it can rescue your hair from being neglected when you’re too lazy to be bothered. I honestly am in dire need of a protective style literally right now.

2. Use a spray/conditioner when you retwist your hair at night

Don’t stress yourself out with a cream that might not dry in time for the next morning and just use a leave in spray for your hair. I’m currently using the Jane Carter Solutions spray.

3.  Start with tight twists and transition to chunky

I know, it’s not fun to have smaller twists on wash day, but I promise it’ll be worth it at the end of the week when you have to make like 4 twists just to keep your hair stretched. Thank me later.

4. Resist the gel

I know, we all want laid edges. But putting all that gel on your hair makes your hair last for shorter periods of time.

5. Make a Wash Day “game plan”

Have a plan, know how long you will deep condition, have all the products you need laid out, have your hair sectioned when you wash so that you don’t have to do it halfway through. Being prepped will make it seem less miserable.

6. Stop stressing over societal notions of what your hair is supposed to look like

I know, as a girl with super kinky hair we can sometimes can become obsessed with having super defined curls, making it look as long as possible, having super sleek edges and buns, but your hair is acceptable how it grows out of your head don’t let the world tell you otherwise. Learning to love your natural will save you more time than anything.

What are your hair tips? Let me know in the comments!

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