Are Influencers Ruining Instagram?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Instagram lately. I’ve been thinking about how Instagram shapes my opinions about my body, about my face, about my hair, and how socialization has changed from being solely in person to being on the internet, and honestly inescapable.

Obviously girls and women coming to terms with positive body image isn’t new, up until the 9th grade 90% of my friend group came from dance class and most of them were built like the typical dancers, and I was not. That definitely took a toll, but I think Instagram presents a new kind of issue. The issue of blurring the lines between reality and fiction. The explore page is full of women selling detox tea as a way to lose weight and get a “dream body” when the body type they’re promoting is bought, and trust me there’s no shade in getting surgery. If I could afford a BBL I’d probably go out and schedule one today, but it’s the idea of not being truthful with your followers. I can’t tell you how many times a friend of mine has sent a picture and said “OMG goals I need to get in the gym,” about a body that has been manufactured. Imagine just how many Flat Tummy Tea sales have been made because Blac Chyna posed with it and acted like it was an integral part of her regimen. Heck, even Khloe Kardashian had a series dedicated to helping women obtain a dream body naturally, when that’s not the reality of her journey.

Is having plastic surgery fine? Of course, do what you personally want. But is lying to your followers okay? Absolutely not, is it all over Instagram, even from some of those “fitspo” pages? Of course it is, and that’s what my issue is. It happens in other places on Instagram for sure but a lipstick that’s $20 is completely different than selling young women a body ideal that wasn’t reached naturally, in my humble opinion.

That obviously doesn’t mean there aren’t honest influencers on “the gram”. There are influencers who definitely are honest and open. They will be honest with their journey. They’ll share their experience, their journey, be honest if they have had surgery, and explain how they’ve maintained their body. My advice? Exercise, eat well, but also set goals based on yourself not on someone on the Internet. Take advice but take some of that advice with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Has Instagram’s idea of “perfection” turned toxic? Share any and all of your thoughts below!

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