I Tried Kat Von D’s Brow Pomade

Recently I was sent Kat Von D’s (KVD) 24-Hour Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade to try, and I’m going to be honest I went into this one with extreme hesitation. KVD has a reputation for being VERY heavy duty and that’s just not what I’m personally into for my make up, but since I recently tried Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dip Brow on myself I decided to give this pomade a go as well.

Let’s start with the basics you can get this product on the KVD website or Sephora for $19. I got mine in the color Walnut  but there are around 16 shades some natural and some out there colors like red, blue, and pink. There’s also an $18 dollar brush that came in my package which was nice but not worth a separate purchase if you already have an angled brush that you like to use.

This product is a much like what I hear people say that love about KVD. It’s pigmented and not necessarily “heavy” but not light at all either. When I first tried it I didn’t think I would use it at all. I though it was way too pigmented, which is something I never thought I’d say about a brow product. It’s also not beginner friendly and takes a higher level of skill with eyebrows to use this product well. I thought it made my brows too dark but I don’t hate the product.

I’ll more than likely be sticking with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (which I’ve swatched below next to the KVD pomade), but I might try this product again on a day I want a more “beat” face. It’s going to take practice but I’d definitely try it again.


A note: This product was sent to me for review but all thoughts and beliefs are my own


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