7 Ways to Cope with Anxiety Daily

I’ve struggled with anxiety slightly for as long as I can remember and it’s only gotten worse since I’ve gotten to college. So, since the semester will be over in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to share a couple of way you can try to keep a melt down at bay.

1. Meditate

Now, I’ve tried meditation and it worked for a little while. But, since I don’t know how to sit down even just five minutes meditating would lead to my feeling like I was wasting time and getting worked up again. But, if you can find the discipline, then you should definitely try it out. I recommend the app Simple Habit.

2. Yoga


Yoga is amazing. It has many of the same principles as meditation, so I feel the difference after I do a session, but I also am exercising so I feel less “guilty” about taking the time for myself. Since I’m broke and in college I use the app Down Dog for my exercises.

3. Exercise (but make it fun!)

Dance around your room, do Zumba, play Just Dance on your old Wii. Just get active and blow off steam, you will feel a lot better.

4. Eat

No, do not binge eat but treat yourself from time to time. An acceptable amount of hot fries never hurt anyone.

5. Read a book


It’s always amazing to get lost in a story, do recreational reading. It can transport you somewhere else while keeping your mind active and aware for when it’s time to study.

6. Go for a walk

Get some fresh air, it will clear your mind and allow you to relax before getting back into work. Maybe even go with a friend who’s equally stressed! It’ll be good for you both.

7. Ask for help


Literally, if you need help ask a friend to help you. Give them your ID or some cash and ask them to make a run to the store for some food so you don’t miss eating while writing a paper, or ask them if they understand something in a class that you don’t.

Do you deal with anxiety from time to time? What do you do? Also, this advice is for short term anxiety if you feel as though anxiety is impacting your day to day life and encroaching on your ability to be productive talk to a professional.

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