How to Rock Your Internship Interview

Internship season is in full swing. Internships are an amazing opportunity to learn more about your field, decide what aspects of your field you may want to specialize in, and develop and perfect new skills. Over my past 4 internships since I have been in college I’ve been lucky to learn so much about public relations and perfect my talents as a social media manager and copy writer. I’ve gotten experience in a PR firm, a television news station, and currents a non profit organization. And if I do say so myself, interviews are where I shine. A resume is nice but being able to hold a conversation with

1. Be yourself in your interview

This one might be obvious to some, but don’t feel forced to be a super perfect person in your interview. Feel out who you’re talking to and the company culture and adjust accordingly, but also be yourself. People want an intern who they can trust and they feel fits the environment.

2. Be honest

I know, finesse is life. But embellishment and lying are two different things. And a lot of recruiters can tell when you’re doing the most. Plus, do you really want someone to call one of your references about your amazing project that you never did? I think not.

3. Dress the part

Be your best you when you come into your interview. Hair should be neat, and for my black girls that’s doesn’t mean straight just make sure if you have your fro it doesn’t look like it’s a week past wash day.

4. Do your research.

Do not come into your interview with no information. Know the company, know their latest campaigns or product, try your best to know about who interviewed you. It’ll show that you want to be there.

5. Know what you want out of your internship

This will help with the all two common, any questions question at the end of the interview. You’ll know what to ask because you’ll want to decide if it fits for you.

6. Make it a conversation

This is the best way to rock your interview. It will make it flow better and make both you and the interviewer feel more comfortable. It’ll also help you possibly avoid some of those annoying and cliche interview questions.

7. Be confident

This is not the time to dim your shine. This is the time to be confident and take pride in yourself and your work, but with class. Don’t brag but let them know how qualified you are.

If you do these you’ll be sure to have an amazing internship this summer. What’s your best interview tip? Have you had an internship? What is your favorite memory from one?

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