Lush Mask: Oatifix Review

So, as I continue to try every Lush mask I can get my hands on I recently came across Oatifix. I picked it because the Lush associate told me it was the most moisturizing and my poor Florida skin could not handle the cold of DC after returning to college from winter break.

First impressions

This product literally smells like a cookie, like I honestly wanted to take a bite the first time I sniffed it. It seems like a totally different texture than other Lush masks I’ve tried.



It doesn’t cover my face the same way other masks. it looks thinner but texture is a lot thicker, if that makes any sense. It will definitely last a long time, share with friends! It falls off your face when it moves but it won’t make your face harden or tighten up like other masks.

Washing it off was nice, it had a very gentle exfoliation to it that was enjoyable but not too rough. Once my face was washed my skin felt super soft and not dry anymore. I really appreciated how moisturizing this mask was.

Is it worth it?

This one will probably last more uses than other Lush masks because  a little definitely goes a long way. You could pick this up for $9.95 at your local Lush and definitely get a ton of uses out of it, it’s definitely worth the cost.

What’s your favorite skin care product? Let me know in the comments!

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