Young, Black, Visionary: Chelsi Hall

Name: Chelsi Hall

Age: 21

Occupation: Student, Blogger

When did you find your personal style?

I’d say I found my personal style when I was a junior in high school. It became better my senior year but I definitely saw a change my junior year.

What would you describe as your personal style?

I’d describe my personal style as a little of everything honestly. It’s definitely more glam than a lot of people’s [style]. I used to try and fit into the tomboy look but that’s not really me. I pull a lot from the 90’s on a daily basis, and I love classic looks but with my own twist on them like my gold jewelry. Some looks really don’t call for it [gold jewelry] at all but that’s my signature thing. I honestly pull more from different decades rather than boxing myself in categories like preppy or grunge.

What’s your favorite part of shopping?

My favorite part of shopping is trying on clothes to see what works and what doesn’t. Especially when I surprise myself by completely hating something I thought I’d love or adoring a piece I wouldn’t usually pick up.

Chelsi's style

Favorite color on yourself?

That’s tough, it definitely in the yellow/orange/pink area of colors, for the last few years I’ve been consistently buying mustard and golden yellows, as well as salmon or peachy pinks, and bright bright oranges.

Who’s your style inspiration?

My style inspiration would have to be my mom, Teyana Taylor, 90s Janet Jackson, with a bit of Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl. They’re all very different but that’s how my outfits usually are on the daily basis. I can’t say I pull from one specific source.

Any advice for someone developing their personal style?

My advice for anyone developing their own personal style is to wear what you look good in and what makes you feel good. I literally won’t buy something if I don’t feel good and look good in it because I know that later down the road I probably won’t wear it out at all and I will have wasted my money. Follow trends, yes, but don’t be afraid to keep wearing something once it’s “not in style” or people around you have stopped wearing that. I like to pick very unique pieces that nobody else will buy or put together outfits that other people wouldn’t wear together but they look good on me. I’m really big on feeling good in my clothes because that’s when I get a positive reaction from those around me. I couldn’t care less if they think I look better in something else because I like what I wear and it fits my body. That’s the last thing I can say is to dress for your body shape, if something you want isn’t fitting those curves just right and you’re bulging out in places that look and feel awkward you probably shouldn’t buy it.. know what works for your body!

Closet staples?

One can never own too many denim jackets! I started Howard [University] with like 2 and now I have 5 and I know people with more. Black turtlenecks in the winter, as well as other colors. If you’re always cold like I am you can pair them with high waist jeans, a skirt or anything really. T-shirt dresses are another great staple because you can dress them up or down and they’re super comfy. A pair of black boots has always been a must for me, and I think everyone should own a pair of white sneakers as well.

Design by Chelsi

What made you start designing clothes?

I was tired of visualizing outfits in my head for specific events and not being able to buy them. Like they’d be along the lines of what was trending but not quite what people were selling, and then I’d see something almost identical to what I wanted but like 6 months later from some other designer and that used to get me heated. So I figured I’d start making it myself and that way no one else could possibly be wearing it. Like my fashion show outfit, (pictured above) nobody else will ever have it unless they ask me to make it and I love that, along with the response I got from my peers they seemed to really enjoy it too.

What made you start blogging?

I decided to start blogging when I realized I had a way with words. I might not know every grammar rule and whatnot but I know how to express myself through words and I know how to get emotions across whether I’m being funny or serious, I like that people feel something (I hope) when they read my words. Also I’d like to think I have at least one unique thought or experience to share with the world at least once a month. Writing about things I love is what I know, it’s part of my need to be creative, so when I’m stuck designing or sewing or creating hair styles I’m trying to write.

 You can catch up with Chelsi on her Instagram: @chelsinatasha_ and check out her blog Natasha’s Niche.

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