Finding Your Style

So, I’m not the most stylish and trendy blogger on the internet but, I do love to play in my closet from time to time. I tend to successfully go out of the house looking cute on the weekends,  and even for class at times (as long as it isn’t an 8 am). But as I get older I begin to wonder about my personal style. Do I need one? Do I already have one? If I do what exactly is it?

After some evaluation I came to the conclusion that I do have a personal style that’s still developing but already presents itself often. The best word to describe it is “preppy”. I love turtlenecks, plaid, and skirts. I like to feel girly and proper but I also have a serious addiction to leather! I love a leather skirt or jacket, I even look at leather dresses occasionally I just am never bold enough to go through with it. When it comes to shoes I’m obsessed with rocking heels, whether it’s a bootie, a pump, a sandal.

If I had to identify a style inspiration it is definitely Whitley Gilbert from A Different World, but maybe not as prim and proper every day. I also like to have fun with my clothes or dress down. I love a sweatshirt and a pair of tennis shoes, and I live by my oversized denim jacket, Doc Martens, and black lipstick.

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The most important thing about finding your style is being comfortable and rocking it. If you look good you definitely feel good. That’s why I don’t think it’s neccesary to always stick to the status quo. I love a slip dress with a t-shirt underneath or an oversized romper.

Fashion should be fun, you should feel good in what you wear. What is your personal style? Who is your style inspiration? Let me know in the comments and to see more of my style journey follow my Instagram @syd.thekid and on Twitter @itsprincesssyd_.

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