New Year, Better Me.

I am officially 20 years old, and my life is still nowhere near being together (but that’s for another day and another blog post). This one is about what my teens taught me and what I’m looking forward to learning.

This year alone I networked with media executives at the Emma Bowen Conference, I had 3 internships and secured one for the new year, fell in love, excelled academically, learned more about caring for my natural hair, and started getting interested in living healthier again. All in all this year has been great for me (despite some negativity) but it also came with some beautiful lessons.

To be myself and the love it

I’ve honestly been learning this for the past few years now. I’m learning that I who am and who I am becoming is beautiful and worthy, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed of myself. I still am working on self -love, but this year alone I’ve done so many networking opportunities, I’ve learned so much in my major, secured so many bags that I have to learn to celebrate myself, I never do that.

To show how I love others

I’m not the best at letting people know I care. I tend to shut myself away a lot and I’m dealing with some personal things that keep me from being open. I’ve begun learning that me being so reserved (shocking because I’m also extremely outgoing) at times can make people question if I value their role in my life and our relationship.

To try my best

I honestly have never not done this, but this year reminded me what my hard work can get me. It was a reminder that if I work for it I’ll get what I want out of life.

To go after what I want

I had to learn to go after what I want a again. Sometimes the fear or rejection keeps me from going after what I want in every situation.

To have fun

I struggle with this one. I don’t make time for myself, but 2017 taught me about the importance of fun. I lacked balance for most of this year. But when I did get out and had fun I realized that it was honestly the best thing for me.

To take care of myself

I learned the importance of self care as well. Especially with the return of my health issues I learned a lot about what I needed for myself to maintain my sanity.

So goodbye 2017, hello 2018. A year of new growth, self love, and even more success!

What did you learn in 2017? What are you hoping for in 2018? Let me know in the comments!

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