I Tried the TGIN Deep Conditioner

So if you know anything about me you know I am the worst natural in the history of the natural hair movement. I hate twisting my hair but I don’t know how to wash and go and I haven’t found my go to our and it’s honestly all just a mess. However, thanks to my girl Tamara I found what may just be my go to deep conditioner. I’ve tried a few, Cantu (fail) a Carol’s Daughter Conditioner (fail),  and some others I can’t even remember the names to.

My hair looked like this before and after it was washed.

And like this during the deep conditioning and after it was rinsed out.


I tried it again after I took my braids out and yep, this might be my new favorite deep conditioner. It smells great, my hair doesn’t start to feel dry until towards the end of my “every two weeks” wash cycle. I definitely would recommend this conditioner to all the naturals.


You can get this product at Target for $15.99.

*Featured image is from Target as well.

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