Lush’s Dark Angels Review

So I’ve been in love with this face wash for a couple years but I finally actually bought it (I’ve been exploiting those free samples).

Dark Angels is actually the first and only face wash I’ve ever tried at Lush. I don’t typically use it every day because it’s an exfoliant and I don’t want to be too harsh on my skin (the product can be kind of rough). I try to use around 1-3 times a week.

The texture of it is actually really strange. You take the product out as a solid and then you add water and turn it into a paste. I would be gentle when applying it to your face because, again, you don’t want to be too rough with your face. Sometimes I’ll use it as the face wash and sometimes I let it sit like a mask, luckily it can work as either. You can also use this on your whole body (which I am definitely considering). I actually tried it as a full body wash and my skin felt super smooth after but extremely dry, but nothing a little lotion can’t fix.

It smells super natural and I feel super clean after using it but the biggest downside is how it gets EVERYWHERE. Literally my sink turns black after I use this product, another reason I don’t use this every night.

You can get Dark Angels at Lush for $14.95.

What’s your favorite deep cleanser?

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