Mask Monday: Cosmetic Catastrophe Review

So, I’m on a mission to improve my skincare regimen. Not only am I lazy, I’m broke but from time to time I go to Lush and try a mask to handle what I think my skin needs. Before, during, and after my period is when I tend to experience acne, it’s not something I’m super used to dealing with. But, I’ve decided to try to help pamper my skin during my time of the month. During one of my latest bouts into skincare I picked up the Cosmetic Catastrophe mask at Lush.

Lucky for me (not) I had a small minor break out on my lower chin as I typically do during my cycle. So this mask (which is meant to combat acne) was a perfect fit for the time. 

The mask dries super quickly. I don’t want to say harden because although it does harden a bit it powders more than it cracks. So, be prepared for it to get on your shirt and counter top. This mask smells amazing however. It has little pieces of blueberry in it and it feels super refreshing. When you take the mask off your skin may feel a little dry or powdery (I don’t know if that’s the right description. But, just make sure you get all of it off your face and you’ll be fine in the morning.

However, I don’t know if it was the mask, wishful thinking, or my hormones evening out but my break out was gone in the morning. So I guess it worked. I’d definitely buy this product again. I used the mask again when I had another angry pimple pop up on my forehead. This acne was more aggressive but I do think consistently using the mask helped calm it down.

What’s your skin care routine? Do you have a favorite mask?

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