Podcasts You’ll Love

So my headfirst dive into the podcast world was quick and extreme, but these podcasts are honestly the highlight of my week and I hope they can bring joy to you too.

The Read

The Read.jpg

Crissles & Kid Fury make my week every single time. Opening with a movie quote and this week’s Black Excellence. Then we enter the current events section of the podcast, Sick Sad World (now known as Hot Tops) it’s always funny. Then they do listener letters. They give family, work, and relationship advice and sometimes the situations are absolutely hilarious. Then comes the read. Both Crissles and Kid Fury pick someone to drag for filth each week. Sometimes it makes me laugh so hard I cry and other days it’s just great to know someone feels the same way I do about the ways of the world.

The Friendzone

the friendzone.jpg

The Friendzone is a wellness podcast “because who in the world wants a musty brain.” Hosted by Fran, Dustin, and Assante these three are funny, honest, and open. They don’t only talk about wellness but also discuss TV and music weekly and spotlight a black business every single week.



I am obsessed with Insecure, The Read, and The Friendzone and this podcast is a combination of all three. The official Insecure recap podcast is literally one of the highlights of my week.

Gettin’ Grown

getting grown

Jade and Keia had me hooked from my first listen. Their guide to mature adulting is so helpful even though I’m pretty sure I’m in their target audience. This show is definitely super fun to listen to.

Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood


These three guys are hilarious. They review movies in relations to “the cause” (more leading black actors in Hollywood). They’re goofy, interesting, and funny. I love black movies and I love what they’re trying to highlight. Definitely check this out of you’re into movies.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which is your favorite?

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