The PMS Package 

Let’s face it, periods can be awful, no matter how much we like to pretend we’re fine. But, I think I may have found something that could make it a little bit better. It’s called the PMS package, a subscription box for you during that time of the month. From snacks to skincare this box is all

The necessities

There’s a pack of midol and a box of tampons. They obviously have down the basics.

The goodies

Brownie Brittle

Can you even go wrong with Brownie Brittle? The answer is no. It tasted so good especially on those days that my pains made me feel super awful.

There’s also some other yummy sweets like cookies. I’m trying to be better about my eating so I haven’t gotten around to try yet.


Make up wipes

These weren’t my favorite but they weren’t bad or harsh on my skin. They honestly are just basic make up wipes but I think I’ll stick with my Neutreogena.

Hylaronic Acid Mask

So, this mask was great but it gave me anxiety. My face felt great but I still don’t know if I actually had a reaction to it in the middle of the night or if I’m a hypochondriac.

There’s also an eye mask and another sheet mask I have yet to try out.


There’s a super cute drawstring emoji bag, some make up, and more. I love the little key chain coin purse shaped like a cup it’s just so cute!

You can get your own subscription here. And save $5 with my code: PMSSydney5

What’s your favorite way to deal with your time of the month? Let me know in the comments.

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