Your Natural Disaster Netflix Guide

So, the Floridian in me has a love-hate relationship with the hurricane season. Missing school for a few days is great but being trapped in the house can be a pain. Also, since I’m from North Florida the storms tend to be less violent so I have access to electricity for at least a majority of the time. However, I know everyone may not be this fortunate. Before I go into this list I want to make it clear that I in no way want anyone to risk losing their battery power for Netflix, but if you have a spare tablet laying around it may be beneficial to download some of these shows and movies for your viewing pleasure.

Hart of Dixie


A gem that I never thought I’d watch. This show reminds me why the South, with all its issues, will always be home to me. Fall in love with Zoey, Wade, Lavon, George, and Lemon on this heartfelt series.

Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse


Don’t judge me on this one. Barbie Life in the Dream House may seem like a wild card (and a strange choice from a college junior) but this show will actually make you laugh out loud. An especially good choice if you’re with your family.

Gossip Girl


This iconic series is one that can never be left of any list of mine. Figure out if you’re Serena or Blair, laugh at the insane capers of the rich and kind of famous, and watch Dan Humphrey brood around New York City. You’re sure to enjoy this teen drama.



Like Gossip Girl 90210 is a great series. Enjoy watching the filthy rich navigate young adulthood in a way only kids with way too much money. 

The Get Down

get down

This Netflix original is everything to me. I’m still upset it was canceled. Set in the formative years of hip hop; follow Zeke and his friends on their adolescent journey in the 1980s Bronx. I promise you’ll fall in love. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Despite all of its problematicness (is this actually a word?) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a terrific show. Come for the theme song stay for Titus. 

Black Mirror


This show is not for the faint of heart. Full disclosure you may actually throw your iPad across the room after an episode. But the show is thrilling and extremely entertaining. I recommend the episode Playtest for your viewing pleasure. 



This creepy movie deserves to be watched. Like Black Mirror it’s extremely messed up and not for the faint of heart but I love it anyway. 

Carrie Diaries


Another show taken from us in its prime Carrie Diaries is the prequel to Sex and the City. Follow a teenage Carrie Bradshaw as she tries to find herself. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Freaks and Geeks


I’m honestly sensing a theme here. With only on season Freaks and Geeks is an amazing show. And you may just see a few current stars (Cough) James Franco (cough). 

Brotherly Love


This movie is hilarious in every way that it’s not supposed to be. But, I still recommend that you watch it. It’s still gripping despite its flaws and the final plot twist will have you shook. 

Dance Academy


This Australian drama deserves everything it gets. I’ve laughed and cried watching these young dancers try to reach their ultimate goals of dancing with “The Company.” Fall in love with characters you never expected to, but try not to get too attached this show may just rip your heart out. 

Dear White People


I know you’ve probably seen the movie, but have you watched the series? Well, get with the winning team. Starring Logan Browning (my fave since I was very young) this show is funny and poignant at the same time. You may yell at the TV a few times but it’s always fun to be invested in characters. 

Southside with You


If you’re anything like me you miss the Obamas immensely. Well, I can’t give them to you but I can offer Tika Sumpter & a movie about the first date of our favorite couple. It’s so cute you’ll want to cry I promise. 

Again, I’m not promoting a wreckless use of an electronic device. But if you have a tablet and the power goes out these Netflix downloads could help you fight some boredom. Or maybe you have power but school is still out. I’m away at school right now but I have the Carribean, Houston and Florida in my prayers. Stay safe and responsible. 


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