Choosing a Major

This week we’re talking about majors. I know, it’s sort of stressful trying to decide what you want to study and do for the rest of your life, I lied it’s very stressful. So, I’m gonna share how both me & one of my friend’s chose our majors!

My Journey

I’ve always known I wanted to be in media. It was something I never had to question or explore. However, at age 5 my idea of being in the media was being the next Beyoncé or being the next big Disney Channel star. As I got older I decided to look into working behind the scenes in media. I looked at everything, from filmmaking to the legal side until one day I stumbled upon public relations. It looked interesting enough, I loved keeping up with current events whether it was rooted in pop culture or politics and the way celebrities and businesses always seemed to bounce back intrigued me. Once I started to divulge deeper into the field I began to fall in love with the versatility of PR. I could do anything from social media to event planning and work in entertainment, politics, beauty or honestly anything else.

I know the way I came to my major is kind of different. A lot of people don’t know what they want to do until after they even graduate from college, most people change jobs multiple times in their lives. The best way to pick a major is to find a way to make your passion a career. That way maybe life won’t seem so daunting.


My friend Tamara had a different experience deciding what she wanted to do. She’s jumped from a dream of being of president, a chef, a party planner, an interior designer, or even literally Oprah, I’m not kidding she literally wanted to be Oprah Winfrey. Eventually Tamara decided to be a doctor. She came to this decision after watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. Of course, she couldn’t solely base her career off a television drama so she enrolled in medical biology in high school and the rest is history.

Have you picked your major? How’d you decide? Let me know in the comments!

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