School Supplies Haul

So, I’m obsessed with school supplies. Like color code everything level obsessed with school supplies. However, when people leave for college they get so caught up in dorm shopping that they forget that you need school supplies.

Folders & Notebooks

Like I said in my GPA blog, I color code my folders to the color I choose in my app Pocket Schedule and all my notebooks and folders match.



I have a chalkboard in my room, gotta have fun colors for that!

A new lamp

It’s in my favorite color!

A new calendar

My desk at school has a cork wall so I can use pins to put it there.

A planner

I like to have my due dates and events saved multiple places and it’s so cute!

Twinkly Lights

This is more of a dorm decoration but they’re cute!

Desk Organizers

My old ones were black and ugly so I got these cute ones from OfficeMax.

What are your must have school/dorm supplies? Let me know in the comments!

Please excuse my pictures I’m not a photographer and the lighting in my house doesn’t always lend itself to a photo op!

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