I Started Journaling

So, my brain is basically just a wasteland of random information that really isn’t organized in any way at all. It actually makes keeping track of things or stay focused throughout the day. I write down anything, things for my blog, goals, ideas of fun things to do, ways to improve my day. And since I’ve been able to get my thoughts out my mood has improved, I’m less tired, and I think I’m more productive and creative at work as well.

I picked mine up for $4.99 at TJ Maxx last summer and I never used it. However, this summer something in me just decided to write everything down. As soon as an idea hits me I write it in my journal. I think writing it down is better than using the notes on your phone only because there are so many distractions inside of your phone. You might open it to journal and now you’re scrolling on Twitter and forgot everything you wanted to write down.

Do you journal? Has it helped you clear your head? Let me know below.

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