Atlanta Shopping Haul

So, I went shopping in Atlanta (with my favorite person in the world, my mom) a few weeks ago and I wanted to share what I got:


I love this dress! If you haven’t figured out I might just be the most high maintenance lazy person on the planet and I’m always looking for a way to be cute with minimal effort.

$25.90 at Zara

I love the ruffles on the sleeves of this dress. It adds flair.
$49.90 at Zara

This dress fits so cute. It’s cut pretty straight with small slits on the side.
I got this dress at Dress Up Boutique in Atlanta.

I love the cut on this top.

$25.90 at Zara

Sorry for such low quality. I love this top and wanted to show off the back of it and how it’s cut.

I got this at Zara but can’t find it on the website.

I love this because it’s suede.

I got this dress at Dress Up Boutique in Atlanta.


I’m really into the fit of these shorts. They’re super comfortable and cute.

$29.99 at H&M

My mom brought this to the fitting room while I was shopping and I fell in love with this high neck dress.

I also got this at Zara although I can’t find it on their site.

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