How to Deal with Rejection

The hardest part of putting yourself out there is experiencing rejection, Whether its your peers, an internship or job, a school activity or position disappointment is hard to bear. So here are some ways to move past that:

  1. Sulk about it but only for a little while

    Rejection sucks, wallow in it for a little bit. Being upset about not getting something you want is healthy, it’s putting too much time and energy into it that’s the problem. So be dissapointed just don’t let it consume you.

  2. Think of things you’ve accomplished already

    So, you’ve eaten some icecream and pouted now it’s time to reflect on what you have already succeeded at. It’s a great pick me up and a reminder that just because you didn’t get something doesn’t mean that you’re not valuable or meant for greateness it just means that it wasn’t the right match for your journey.

  3. Go after something new

    Set a new goal for yourself. Or try again at what you didn’t get the first time. No matter what just make sure that you put yourself back out there, and if you fail? Just start back at step one.

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