BET Awards Recap

So, the BET Awards was last night and I watched with my friend from the red carpet show until the very end. The red carpet show in my honest opinion was pretty bad, the “invited to the cookout” jokes were lame, the performances were lackluster, and the hosts were boring. I think if BET is going to try to keep up with Black Twitter they need to have more writers and producers who get it and these producers did not. 

Now, I’m going to focus on the performances but they were all pretty forgettable except a certain few. The show opened with Bruno Mars singing one of my favorite songs off his latest album, so I may be biased. I think Bruno brought charisma and flair to the stage and I was thoroughly entertained by it. Future performed Mask Off and it was better than his usual performances but Future live never really gives me much to work with. Migos did okay as well as did Big Sean I think this years’ show just lacked energy. Trey Songz performance was awful, oh how the mighty have fallen. Ch*** Br*** doesn’t exist to me. I loved SZA’s performance it was simple and I love her voice plus “The Weekend” is a problematic bop. DJ Khaled’s performance needed Justin Bieber without him there it was just an awkward hole especially because you can’t just ignore a song’s chorus. Xscape was bad, not because they lost their talent all four ladies showed they still had it. But at least one person on stage couldn’t grasp the concept that it was a group performance and they needed to work together. Mary J Blige was Mary J Blige and that’s all I have to say on that. Tamar did amazing, however that little moment she had towards the end was…interesting. But great vocals and passion on the stage. Post Malone could’ve stayed home. Maxwell was forgettable but that’s what happens when you say All Lives Matter. French Montana and Swae Lee were okay but again kind of forgettable. My fave El Debarge also came through and served the kids some vocals, because he will be respected. 

The stars of the night are honestly who I showed up for, New Edition and their movie cast. They had all 3 set up there and gave them their time to shine which was excellent and closed it out all together. I must admit that I had to get up and hit some choreography for that one. The show should’ve ended there because that’s what the people came for and after that it was just a lot of empty time and flat jokes. 

I can’t review the BET Awards without talking about the host. This year it was Leslie Jones who I haven’t really rocked with since this SNL sketch. But her hosting was decent I chuckled a few times but she literally would not stop screaming I don’t know if she thought it was funny but it really was truly annoying. 

I can’t finish this without commenting on the biggest shocker of the night. Remy Ma winning the female hip hop award. I was honestly shaken to my core when they called her name but when she said “are you dumb” I actually fell out. I can’t say I’m mad either (argue with yourself). I can’t wait to see how somebody responds with some post about Aretha record tomorrow. However, Cardi B is up next don’t sleep on the good sis. 

What’d you think of this year’s BET Awards? Did you have fun? What was your favorite performance? Let me know in the comments. 

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