Things to Do This Summer

It’s officially the first day of summer! I know, I know you’ve been out of school for a while now but since the summer solstice has begun here’s some ideas on fun things to do this summer.

  1. Start a blog or Youtube channel

    I don’t do much. My friends are usually working when I’m off and I’m basically allergic to the outdoors so what do I do? I write. I don’t have the money for a camera to start a Youtube so I decided to start this blog. It’s fun for me and I get to clear my head of clutter by writing things down.

  2. Read some new books

    Reading is always a great way to make time move faster and keep your mind active without doing too much “work.” Lose yourself in a fantasy world or just enjoy the journey of relatable characters.

  3. Learn a new skill

    I am inept at everything. So this summer I’ve decided to improve on flat twisting (I have no clue why it’s so hard for me) and eye make up. It’s always fun to get better at something and it doesn’t have to be beauty related. Learn to sew, pick up an instrument, just try something new!

  4. Try some new recipes

    I mean, who doesn’t like food? Search the internet and hit up Pinterest find some new meals you want to try.

What are your summer plans? How do you fight boredom? Let me know in the comments!

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