Disney World May 2017

If you know me at all you know that I love to give the Walt Disney Company my money and my favorite place to do that is by going to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World. This time I took this trip with my boyfriend Devin, who’s never been to any of the parks, so here’s my recap on my most recent trip:

We kicked off the trip Tuesday morning and headed to Orlando! Our plan was to do a quick check in at the hotel and then spend the day at Hollywood Studios. The best part of this plan is that because we were staying on the resort property after we checked in and grabbed our magic bands we would get our room number texted to us and not go back to the desk. Unfortunately, I waited too late to book the room so we were stuck with the boring grey magic bands. So after we dropped our bags with luggage services we headed to the buses for the parks. Also excuse the bootleg screenshots from the Disney app.

Hollywood Studios

In all honesty I hate the fast pass system at Hollywood Studios, There’s a tiering system and it’s a pain. I chose the fast passes this go around because I “knew a lot about Disney World” (Devin’s words not mine.) I went with Fantasmic!, one of two firework shows at the park, and Tower of Terror, I know you get three fast passes but after I take the top tier one with Fantasmic! there isn’t anything worth fast passing. I fast pass the show because I like the quality of the seats and it was my favorite nighttime display at Disney World (before I saw the new Happily Ever After show at Magic Kingdom). We ended up riding Tower of Terror twice because it’s iconic and every ride is randomized so you don’t know what your ride experience will be when you get on. We also got on Rock n Rollercoaster and it was fun as usual and I lost badly at Toy Story Mania. As we were leaving Fantastic! we got a special surprise, a new Star Wars fireworks show and it was amazing. (We also saw some of the construction of Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land which I’m extremely excited for.

Chilling with Aladdin & Jasmine!
Tower of Terror! Can you spot us?
Tower of Terror!
Rock ‘n Rollercoaster

Magic Kingdom

We spent the next day at Magic Kingdom, which I love. We obviously got fast passes for Space Mountain and Splash Mountain, we also rode Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Carribean and the Teacups. Other than what I got the fast passes for I let Devin pick because I’ve been so many times and this is his first Disney World experience. I actually got to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade for the first time, because I never take the time to see it. But, the star of the day was definitely the new fireworks display, Happily Ever After. Everything was perfect from the projections to the choice in movie homages, even the switch of Tinkerbell’s flight from the beginning of the show to the end. However, the best part is the amount of attention Princess Tiana (the best Disney princess, don’t argue with me you will lose) got during the show. As a character that in my honest opinion doesn’t get enough love, I’m glad she got what she deserved during the show.

Space Mountain always catches me with the ugliest faces
Castle pictures are the best!
Goofy pics on the teacups
Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin!
Splash Mountain!

Animal Kingdom 

The last day of our trip was spent at Animal Kingdom. We grabbed a fast pass to Expedition Everest (my favorite ride out of all 4 parks) and Kali River Rapids. We also rode Dinosaur, went on the Kilimanjaro Safari (where we saw no lions unfortunately) and saw The Festival of the Lion King. We actually ended up riding Everest three times, because it’s honestly the greatest thing. Our trip was before Pandora opened so unfortunately I don’t have anything to say on it. I will say, though, that the Turkey Leg I got was worth the entire trip.

Expedition Everest round 1!
Expedition Everest round 3!
Expedition Everest round 3!
We ended our trip at Disney Springs, which is always fun to walk around at night from time to time.

Have you been to Disney? Let me know what your favorite ride is in the comments!

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